Couptopia was started in March 2010 by a group of Granite Staters who loved the idea of social buying (and saving!), trying new things, and supporting local merchants. While we found many other collective buying sites on the Web, all were focused on, and based in, large metropolitan areas. No one was focused on the great state of NH and none were based in NH either - until now.

We believe the key to stimulating the local economy is by supporting the best local merchants in the area. We hope you do too, and that’s why we are partnering with them to offer you their services at prices you won’t want to pass up!

Couptopia’s mission is simple: To create an ideal way for you, and everyone you know, to learn about and experience the best restaurants, spas, hotels, local events, recreational activities New Hampshire has to offer. Couptopia is about supporting the community and providing a unique way to promote the goods and services of our local merchants.